Making a difference to our community


Our valued volunteers provide a vital link between the hospital and the community. They give their time, expertise, skills and experience to help us provide our patients with the best possible care. We asked them why they give their precious time to our hospital?

I am a volunteer caregiver on St Francis Ward. I choose to volunteer at this hospital as after 30 years in the workforce, the enjoyment from caring for patients is very satisfying.

– Shirley

I am a volunteer caregiver on Bridget Clancy Ward assisting our patients. I have chosen to volunteer at Murdoch after retiring from a high pressure career. My mother was a long term patient at this hospital and I was able to observe the role of a volunteer. Volunteering is extremely fulfilling in that you are able to help  others in their time of need. My volunteering role is meaningful to me and adds value to my life.

– Noelle

We are volunteer caregivers and provide our services as Reiki Therapists. It gives us the opportunity to help people who pass through the doors of the hospice, whether patient, caregiver or family. It allows us to offer our Reiki for stress reduction and relaxation. We have become two of the many volunteers who can make a difference in someone’s life by offering a small portion of our time and skills.

– Gill and Tony





Becoming a volunteer caregiver on St Elizabeth’s ward has been a very rewarding experience as I value the positive influence and added worth volunteering has in a person’s life. It is heart-warming to witness a patient’s day being made a little brighter through a cup of tea or coffee and with each interaction between a patient, their family, caregiver and volunteer caregiver being precious and meaningful.

Volunteering has not only enriched my life but has also allowed me to recognise the importance of contributing to the community.

– Zoe



I am a volunteer caregiver in the Cancer Centre and I choose to volunteer at Murdoch Hospital after I was diagnosed with cancer five years ago but I am in remission.

I am no longer in paid work so I wanted to give something back and what better way than helping to bring a smile to the face of people you come into contact with. It is so rewarding that I am able to help others and so fulfilling in many ways.

– Sandy





We appreciate our volunteer caregivers and all they do for our patients.

The volunteers are indispensable to us. In the chaos of a busy ward, it means the world to the patients to have a friendly volunteer who has the time to do those little things to make their stay more pleasant. They are the helping hand to assist patients that makes a world of difference.

– Irene, Nurse Unit Manager, St Francis ward

Our volunteers take our level of hospitality up another notch, smiling, caring and engaging.

– Marie, Nurse Unit Manager, Cancer Centre




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