Creative care


coluring inSt John of God Murdoch Hospital Pastoral Services team is helping patients experience the benefits of colouring in for relaxation and mindfulness meditation.

Pastoral Practitioner Natalie Kay says colouring in can be beneficial for adults, especially for its de-stressing power.

“We look for all possible ways to benefit patients when providing spiritual care and emotional support,” Ms Kay says.

“Colouring in can generate wellness and quietness and stimulate brain areas related to motor skills, the senses and creativity.”

“Colouring in is one way to shift attention – even if patients can’t change their physical circumstances, they can focus their perspective when participating in therapeutic activities.”

“It’s also great time filler when waiting alone in a hospital room.”

The contemplative and contemporary nature of pastoral ministry can enhance patient communication and expression. It can help patients reflect on their hospitalization and give them a greater sense of their spirituality and self-care.

The Pastoral Services team also offers patients other creative activities, including music, storytelling, journaling, guided meditations, prayer and religious rituals for those who identify with specific faith or Christian denominations.





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