Celebrating Midwives Day


International Day of Midwives on 5 May provided a great opportunity to thank our wonderful midwives, and midwives all around the globe, for their service to our communities.

Nurse Manager St Mary ward Sue Bradshaw said that midwives have a wonderful, although sometimes challenging job, bringing new life into the world and it is important to recognise their work.

“We are certainly lucky in Australia, and here at our hospital, to be able to assist women to give birth safely, but in many parts of the world, people are not so lucky,” Ms Bradshaw said.

“Today is a really fantastic day to celebrate our role and also to remember the hardship that many women, babies and their midwives face around the world.”

The ward held a raffle on the day which raised $759.40 for the hospital’s Charity of the Year, HeadWest.


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