New program helps mums connect with kids

St John of God Murdoch Raphael Centre, in partnership with the Fremantle Multicultural Centre, is providing a parenting program for culturally and linguistically diverse and refugee women.

Lani Saffer, project coordinator says the pilot program, Circle of Security, provides a supportive environment for women and their children to address any parenting concerns they might have.

“It is a relaxed and open environment in which these women can feel free to talk openly among the group,” Ms Saffer says.

“Parents learn key skills to help understand their child’s needs and emotions so that they can build secure relationships with their children.”

Most women are immigrants or refugees who may be experiencing post natal anxiety or depression. Some of the women have a limited knowledge of the English language and may have experienced some trauma.

“We hope this program can provide them with opportunities to enhance their relationship with their children,” Ms Saffer says.

The Mental Health Commission has awarded a grant to run the pilot program for six weeks. The sessions are held weekly at the Darius Wells Library and Resource Centre in Kwinana.

The program has been very well received by the families attending and will be evaluated to determine the need for continuing programs.


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