New monitoring system a plus for maternity ward

WebK2 Monitoring, an electronic recording system for Fetal Monitoring, has been installed in St John of God Murdoch Hospital’s maternity ward, St Mary’s.

Nurse Manager of St Mary’s Sue Bradshaw says the monitoring is a very welcome addition to the birth suite as the hospital continues to grow in the area of obstetrics.

“The monitoring allows the cardiotocograph trace (CTG) to be screened to a central station for review and also has the ability for obstetricians to review the trace live on their phone or tablet,” says Ms Bradshaw.

The monitoring is performed on pregnant women in both the antenatal phase and when they are in labour.

“The CTG enables monitoring the well being of the baby and if the birth needs to be brought forward or if it is necessary to allow the baby to continue to grow,” says Ms Bradshaw.

“In labour, the CTG is a strong indicator of fetal well being during the stressful time of labour.

“Another advantage of K2 is being able to electronically store the trace if future review needs to occur.”

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