Mannequins a great patient substitute

(L-R) Jessica Thorn, Bianca Pruis, Jordana Cootes, Kyle Lewis and Tharcisse Minani.

(L-R) Jessica Thorn, Bianca Pruis, Jordana Cootes, Kyle Lewis and Tharcisse Minani.

Mannequins at St John of God Murdoch Hospital are providing Murdoch University students with a great way to practice their skills before they start caring for real patients.

The training rooms at MURTEC are set up like real wards, with the mannequins in beds.

One of the students, Kyle Lewis, says the mannequins are so life-like, students get the same response they would receive from a real person.

“We treat them as we would a real patient; we check for pulses and look for the right responses,” says Kyle.

The mannequins are controlled via computer at a remote desk to respond physiologically to their treatment. Their heart rate fluctuates and their pupils dilate, and they are able to talk and sweat.

Professor Paul Morrison, Dean of Health Professions at Murdoch University, said the simulated, hands-on experience the mannequins provided students was an invaluable learning tool.

“Inter-disciplinary learning like this that combines real world skills with classroom theory is a wonderful way for students to build their confidence in a controlled environment before working with real patients,” he said.

The 12-week simulation course provides third year nursing students with various opportunities to enable them to think critically and respond to different patient scenarios.

Lecturers observe students from behind one way glass and then give them feedback on their performance.

Manager Learning and Organisational Development Anissa Emeran says the course empowers students to use the clinical decision-making skills they have acquired through their studies.

“All the scenarios are set up to prepare students for what they will have to do in real life situations,” says Anissa.

“It’s a great way to build their confidence and skills so that they can deliver the very best care to patients.”

The students will qualify as Registered Nurses in December.

This project was possible due to funding made available by Health Workforce Australia, St John of God Murdoch Hospital and Murdoch University.


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