Making a move towards better mental health

???????????????????????????????St John of God Murdoch Community Mental Health supported Mental Health Week 2014 by organising an expressive arts working group at the Southlake Ottey Family and Neighbourhood Centre.

Manager Social Outreach and Advocacy Peta Wootton  said a group of people coming together to create art was a true reflection of what improving mental health is all about.

“Creating better mental health for ourselves is about maintaining our sense of individuality and values, whilst still coming together and contributing to the greater community,’’ said Ms Wooton.

Community members who attended the workshop added their individual touch to the final artwork, which was a painting of a bicycle.

“A bicycle was chosen as the theme for the artwork as Murdoch Community Mental Health is based in Fremantle,” said Ms Wooton.

“The bicycle is an iconic symbol in the area due to the large amount of cyclists in Fremantle.”

“Plus cycling reflects action, health, freedom and movement which all help to move towards a better mental health.”

The community artwork will be displayed along with other artworks at the Mental Health Week Art Exhibition October 3rd – 17th, YMCA HQ Leederville.


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