Mural takes pride of place


The beautiful appliqued tapestry commissioned by Sister Eugenia Brennan SSJG in 1994 to commemorate the opening of St John of God Murdoch Hospital, now takes pride of place in the walkway to the Wexford Medical Centre.

The work was designed and crafted by Melbourne-based textile artist Stewart Merrett, who worked closely with Sister Eugenia to depict a number of themes and symbols important to the hospital’s Mission.

The mural was intricately crafted with velour velvet, Thai silk and metallic gold thread.

It was originally installed at the entrance to the Medical Clinic but was damaged by the hands of passers-by and exposure to the elements.

Two separate restorations by the late Mrs Rusty Walkley returned the tapestry to its former glory.

Director Planning and Strategy Leanne Milligan says the tapestry has a significant place in the history of the hospital.

“The tapestry marks the opening of our hospital and its medical and spiritual symbols encapsulate the holistic caring that we offer our patients,” says Leanne.

“This beautiful work of art is now behind glass to ensure it is protected and that it lasts for many generations to come.”

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