Toni’s perseverance pays off

Image Courtesy of Challenger Institute of Technology

Image Courtesy of Challenger Institute of Technology

Enrolled Nurse from St John of God Murdoch Hospital Toni Johnson has been awarded Challenger Institute of Technology’s Vocational Student of the Year out of 23,000 nominated students across all industries in the state.

Acting Nurse Manager from the hospital Pip Petrucci says Toni is a very deserving winner of the award.

“Receiving this award is a very impressive achievement,” says Pip.

“Toni demonstrates an enormous passion for the profession of nursing and the wellbeing of our patients that makes it easy to see how she was a contender.”

Toni says that she had been chasing the dream of becoming a nurse since she was 19, but life delivered some obstacles that prevented her from achieving this goal.

“I never gave up though – age and other hurdles don’t matter,” says Toni.

“I worked towards my goals and now I’m exactly where I want to be.”

Toni completed the 18-month Diploma of Nursing in only 12 months.

“It was a very intense course but I truly love my job and it was certainly worth all the study.”

“One of the joys of nursing is knowing that you can help someone in their time of need.”

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