Emergency doctor gains depth of knowledge

DSC01797St John of God Murdoch Hospital Dr Julie Dockerty is now an authority in the field of emergency medicine having passed the final exam of the Fellowship of the Australasian College for Emergency (FACEM).

With the help of Murdoch’s Professor of Emergency Medicine Ian Rogers, Dr Dockerty is the first person to gain the fellowship whilst training at St John of God Murdoch.

“This is a tremendous achievement for Dr Dockerty, as well as for the hospital and our emergency department,” said Dr Rogers.

“It’s the result of her many years of hard work and commitment to keeping our medical practice current and abreast of emerging research.”

Dr Dockerty stressed the importance of keeping up-to-date with clinical advancements and practice.

“Completing this training has added extensive breadth and depth to my emergency medical knowledge,” said Dr Dockerty.

“It’s given me extra confidence in my diagnosis and treatment of patients, ultimately enabling me to provide them with the best possible care,” said Dr Dockerty.

Dr Dockerty began her fellowship in the late 1990s and completed part one of the exam in New Zealand. In 2001, she returned to Perth and began working at Murdoch hospital and finished her research requirements at the University of Western Australia.

Weekly, intensive academic discussions with Dr Rogers and timed, mock exams prepared her for the exam.

Dr Dockerty is also Chair of the Resuscitation Committee at Murdoch Hospital which oversees Medical Emergency Team training.

“We are looking forward to continuing our strong focus on training in all areas of emergency medicine to ensure all our caregivers have the opportunity to keep their skills and knowledge current,” said Dr Dockerty.


  1. Gvain Frost says:

    Please congratulate Dr Dockerty

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