Clinical trials offer top treatment in South metro area

Oncologists Dr Daphne Tsoi, Dr Kynan Feeney and Dr Sanjay Mukhedkar.

Oncologists Dr Daphne Tsoi, Dr Kynan Feeney and Dr Sanjay Mukhedkar.

Oncology clinical trials at St John of God Murdoch Hospital are giving patients the opportunity to receive innovative treatment that could change their lives and the lives of the others.

Clinical trials examine new cancer treatment through research, and patients participating in trials receive the best available options by exposure to newer treatments.

”Patients are constantly monitored, so they receive an extremely high level of attention and if there are problems, such as unresponsiveness to a particular drug, they will be picked up early,” says Oncologist Dr Daphne Tsoi.

The Murdoch Oncology Clinical Trials Unit (MOCTU) is the only private clinical trials unit in the South metro area for cancer patients undergoing treatment for colorectal, breast and lung cancers.

”There is an ever increasing demand for oncology in this area of Perth,” says Dr Tsoi.

“So we are very pleased to be able to offer treatment this side of the river, as having to travel long distances only adds to the stress of treatment.”

Dr Tsoi, together with Oncologists Dr Sanjay Mukhedkar and Dr Kynan Feeney, are currently treating 11 patients who are part of seven active trials.

Several departments of the hospital are involved; the chemotherapy clinic, Thomas Furlong ward, pathology, phlebotomy and imaging.

In addition, trials are approved by the St John of God Ethics Committee to ensure the welfare and safety of participants.

”There is a common misconception that trials are experimental,” says Dr Tsoi. ”But in fact, they are of an extremely high standard as all trials are run to international standards and guidelines.”

The hospital’s Director of Medical Services Dr Shirley Bowen says these clinical trials are a testament to the dedication of the hospital’s oncologists and the teams that support them.

”The work that is being done in the MOCTU is building great inroads to the development of effective cancer treatments,” says Dr Bowen. ”We are extremely proud to have such dedicated professionals delivering the outstanding care they do.”

In2015, the Murdoch Clinical Trials Unit will move to a dedicated cancer facility in the new hospital South Wing.

More information,  or contact our senior clinical trials coordinator at or 08 9366 1172.

What Are Cancer Clinical Trials?

Also called research studies, cancer clinical trials are the first step in testing a new treatment in people. Trials may test new drugs, new approaches to surgery or radiation therapy, new combinations of treatments, or new methods. The goal is to find better ways to treat cancer, or to provide treatment options where there were none.

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