Reflection: Taking the Pulse

Director of Mission

Colin Keogh, Director of Mission

Here at Murdoch we like to say that we do things differently, better, in fact, than others. We take pride in our warm welcome, the compassionate care we lavish on our patients and the good level of service we provide. We promote our Mission and Values. We esteem the exemplary behaviours that show how we live out our values.

Among the assessment tools we use when we want to find out how patients are progressing, we ask them how they feel. If there is pain we ask about the scale of pain between 1 and 10. We take the temperature, record the blood pressure and explore any illness.

Our recent caregiver Press Ganey Survey results provided feedback and commentary on how we are progressing in our quest for Excellence in healthcare. This self-assessment had some good points, some concerns and pointers to how things could be better.

The caregiver survey results were almost on par with those gathered last time; they were good but not great. Not as many caregivers participated yet the 57 per cent that did, were representative. Just as with patients, while the leg may be the concern, the shoulders and lungs are fine, so it is with the hospital.

Some hospital units have issues while others are sailing along. The results also showed that relative to where other hospitals are and how they are travelling, we are not doing as well as we thought.

Murdoch has some work to do. As a ministry of the Catholic Church we are focused on our Mission to reach out with a healing touch, to offer God’s hope and life with inherent dignity that is person centred. We hold to our Values that inform the way we behave. Our St John of God Service Ethos will continue to inform the way we work.

Caregiver comments about leadership and suggestions for improvements have been heard and taken on board. There will be work to do in the year ahead to embed our ethos of service with caregivers and our partners at Murdoch.

Director of Mission

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