Above 5 to drive

Above 5 to drivePeople with diabetes need to take extra precautions when driving to help maximise road safety.

This applies to people with diabetes who are being actively treated with certain blood glucose lowering agents, such as some oral medications for diabetes and / or insulin. BUT if you are diet controlled or on metformin alone or certain other diabetes medications, this is not a concern.

Please consult with your GP or Diabetes Educator if concerned.

If you are on medications that actively result in blood glucose lowering or insulin, then:

  • Test your blood glucose before and every two hours during driving
  • Always carry a fast acting carbohydrate or sweet drink
  • Carry identification on you that indicates you have diabetes
  • If you feel a hypo developing, pull over safely, turn car off, check your blood glucose level. Eat at least 15 grams of carbohydrates and recheck your blood glucose in 15 minutes. Repeat treatment if required but take a longer acting carbohydrate.
  • Wait at least 30 minutes after your blood glucose levels are above 5 mmol/L before recommencing driving
  • Follow up with your GP for review
  • Contact the NDSS or call 1300 136 588 for further information.

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