Cookbook promotes the sharing of food and stories

A new cookbook sharing healthy recipes and indigenous art was launched during Reconciliation Week as part of a preventative strategy to combat chronic disease in indigenous communities.

Cookbook story

The cookbook was the result of a partnership between of St John of God Murdoch Community Mental Health, members of the local indigenous community at the South Lake Ottey Family and Neighbourhood Centre and the City of Cockburn.

The focus on the sharing of healthy food started when members of the neighbourhood centre joined St John of God Murdoch Hospital Dietician Nicole Sander to learn about eating well and to express their impressions of good health through art.

The artworks and the recipes were collated to publish the ‘Eating Together Learning Cookbook’ with funding from the Commonwealth Co-Health initiative. Co-Health supports programs that promote the prevention of chronic disease for people not in full time work, at risk of weight related disease, single parents and members of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities.

St John of God Murdoch Community Mental Health Planning and Partnership Coordinator Raff Di Bartolomeo said so much could be gained through sharing, learning, eating and creating together.

”By exploring the concept of healthy eating and its impact on wellbeing through art and by cooking together we were able to engage with the local community,” Raff said.

St John of God Health Care has a long association with the South Lake Ottey Family and Neighbourhood Centre where it has three social and emotional wellbeing workers in place.

250 copies of the cookbook have beenprinted and it is hoped that further funding will be made available to distribute it more widely.

More information about St John of God Murdoch Community Mental Health

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