A high calibre of care

No one wants to have to go to emergency, but if you have to, you want the emergency department to be on top of its game.

Emergency Department

When things go pear-shaped, St John of God Murdoch Hospital offers services like no other.

Firstly, our emergency department is the only private one in Western Australia. In fact, the closest one is in Adelaide.

Director of Emergency Medicine Paul Bailey says the department treats about 60 patients per day and more than half of these patients are seen within 30 minutes of arrival.

“We work really hard to improve our waiting times,” says Dr Bailey. “Patients are treated by a cast of extremely experienced doctors and nurses, with between one to four doctors available at any given time.”

“We now have an Emergency Nurse Practitioner who has helped to improve our waiting time profile for less urgent patients, especially at weekends.”

“The department has plenty of capacity to accept patients and everything on hand to treat a broad array of conditions.”

“We have great backup from the team at SKG radiology, which gives us the ability to perform many tests on the day patients arrive at our department. This helps to ensure our patients get the care they need sooner, rather than later,” says Dr Bailey.

An area of pride for the emergency department is its treatment of chest pain.

“Through the combined efforts of our department, the team from the Cardiac Catheter Laboratory and the doctors from Coastal Cardiology, we are producing excellent results in our treatment of patients having a heart attack,” says
Dr Bailey.

The department is well supported by an excellent team of specialist doctors and imaging services and Professor of Emergency Medicine Ian Rogers says the team is also complemented by a researcher and a small number of
specialist trainees.

“Many of our staff are completing further studies,” says Professor Rogers. “We have a strong focus on education and training and are always enthusiastic about new developments and technologies that ensure our patient care is relevant and current.”

More information about Murdoch Emergency.

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